A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My neighborhood in Atlanta, Ansley Park, has just been named one of the Great Places in America: Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association. One of the first ‘suburbs’ of downtown Atlanta when originally developed, today Ansley Park would be considered in-town, not suburban, living. The neighborhood boasts a wide range of architecture, tree-lined streets, numerous parks and a location that’s within easy walking distance to shops, restaurants and some of Atlanta’s best cultural attractions. But to me, it’s just home.

When I first bought my home 12 years ago, the previous owners gave me this photo that was taken when the house was being built, in July of 1929.They told me that one day a young man rang the doorbell and explained that his grandfather was an architect and hobby photographer in Atlanta in the 1920s. He loved to explore different areas and take photos. He precisely logged the address and the date for each photo and signed his name on the back. After he passed away, his grandchildren found boxes of these photos in the attic and thought, what better way to preserve history than to bring them to the current owners of those homes.

I loved to show off the photo to my friends. But for many years it sat in a drawer encased in a plastic sleeve. It was cut in half and taped back together, perhaps because at the time photos could not be printed in 8 x 10 format. It sat in that drawer for years and a few months ago I brought it out for some reason or other. My husband and I realized it was a treasure of the past, and recently had the photo restored & framed.


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2 Responses to A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. This is so fabulous! I love it, Louise….

  2. Jo Ann says:

    Love it!

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