Tech Envy

During a recent trip, I sat tethered to a high-speed connection line on my laptop while my friends Jo Ann & Maggie surfed un-chained on their iPads via 3G. The wireless connection in our room wasn’t working, and making a too-long story short, the hotel’s IT department was less than helpful getting it fixed. So there I sat, at the desk, watching from afar as my friends enjoyed their tablets out on the patio. They were dancing with wild abandon with those slim little gadgets. I was sitting. And I was sad.

I have a major case of tech envy, and I’m not embarrassed to say that. The Amazon Kindle Fire looks super cool, and the price is great, I just don’t know if I can wait that long. We’re off on a Mediterranean cruise soon and I would LOVE to be able to whip out some quick blog posts or other social media updates on a tablet. I’m surely not carrying my clunky laptop all over the place.

Jeff has an Acer tablet, maybe he’ll let me borrow it to get a fix.


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