Reveling in Random Knowledge

Just wrapped up my weekly ritual of watching CBS Sunday Morning. Every week, Charles Osgood brings us an in-depth look at current events, celebrities & other artists, and good old random stuff. This week, for example, there were stories about the latest in prosthetics technology, a look at the Occupy Wall Street movement, profiles on Samuel J. Jackson & Ellen DeGeneres and kids playing competitive shuffle board. How random can you get? And more poignantly, there was a moving and detailed feature on how a young fallen soldier’s family was notified of his death, and how the soldier came home and was laid to rest. The “dignified transfer” they call it in the military.

In other words, in a mere 90 minutes, I laughed, I cried, and I learned a thing or two. I am, by nature, rather curious. I love learning new things. That tendency was recently validated by a numerologist. It’s not just me, it’s in my numbers. One of my numbers, a 7, corresponds to processing data. The numerologist said that a typical 7 might be an M.I.T. scientist. That, I am not, but she said it does explain my curiosity. Or, as my friend Reva would say, I like to “study up” on things.

Take some time today to study up on something new. As Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot by just watching.”


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